Excellent Teaching in the Excellent University: Realities and Possibilities for Voice in the College Classroom


Rabow, Jerome, Charles Powers et al


D/Sociology and School of Education, UCLA

Utilizing and widening the research of Alfred North Whitehead, Page Smith, Leslie Fiedler, Peter Berger, Goldsmid and Wilson among others, Professor Rabow posits an original research voice challenging the recurrent university emphasis on research at the expense of teaching. He and colleagues discuss the institutional, structural and cultural barriers to excellent teaching in elite universities. Essays explore how these barriers can be overcome and the teaching strategies necessary for success. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a number of essays address the diversity of student population, faculty and administration in such a manner as to no longer marginalize these constituent groups.

The book is divided into three sections:

1. Contradictions in the Professional Role and the College Classroom
2. Preparing for the 21st century
3. Multiculturalism in Preparing for the 21st Century: Excellence and Character.

“This work will stimulate a deep discussion of elitism in outstanding universities and the way in which professors and students of color continue to be disenfranchised. It also demonstrates some of the processes by which this alienation can be overcome—by everyone. Recommended for research libraries and upper division courses.”
Dean Joseph Stevenson, Jackson State University

Jerome Rabow is a senior faculty member and considered by his peers to be a major voice in the sociology of Education. He is also a very successful teacher of undergraduates.

Education, Educational Sociology, Social Psychology, Multiculturalism in Higher Education, Teaching methodologies
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