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Academica Press seeks to publish the very best new and innovative work in a wide variety of fields. We invite our authors to participate actively in the publication of their work and collaborate in close cooperation with them at all stages of the publication process. Attractive hardcover and paperback printing, cutting-edge e-book design, other digital formats, and scrupulous respect for author input are central in developing our publications, and we do all we can to realize the finest possible product. Academica is distributed in the Americas by Ingram Content Group, the largest distributor of print content and representative of many university presses and other fine private publishers, and around the world by the UK-based Eurospan Group, one of the world's largest media distributors. All of our titles are available internationally via Amazon and many other booksellers and distributors. Many are reviewed in leading journals, newspapers, and other publications and online formats, and have been the subject of events sponsored by leading universities, non-profit organizations, and other endeavors.

Academica offers significant advantages over other publishers. Our expedited peer-review process results in editorial decisions within just weeks of submission. While most scholarly presses are discouragingly slow to process an accepted work, Academica's streamlined editing process and state-of-the-art production technology allow us to publish within three to five months of acceptance. With an ever increasing number of titles in print, we are revolutionizing publishing at a time when the prevailing business model threatens to condemn it to obscurity.

We are always interested in new and original material! Please send us the manuscript proposal form or contact us via our online submission portal to get the process started for your new Academica Press book. You may also contact us directly at about any other question or concern.