The Selfish Gene Philosophy: Narcissistic Giving


Alper, Gerald


Internationally recognized psychotherapist, Fellow of the American Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. Author of seventeen research studies including The Myth of Self Help: The Dumbingdown of Complexity (2010, Academica Press)

In his latest work Professor Alper explores how his innovative concept of narcissistic giving—that is, the dysfunctional art in which one gives without actually giving & shy;--manifests itself all too often in the
social transactions and interactions that compose everyday existence. This sense of grandiosely promising a world of happiness and satisfaction while giving so very little makes narcissistic giving not only an apt description for a pervasive, implicit philosophy of our culture but elevates it to a dynamic theory of dysfunctional psychic energy. This is the first book that shows how evolutionary psychology...the ethos of the selfish gene...gets unconsciously played out in the emotional lives of ordinary people.

'The Selfish Gene Philosophy' examines how narcissistic giving intersects with and illuminates the current conflicts surrounding science and society, psychology and personal fulfillment, and the desire for simplicity in a complex world. Based on decades of clinical experience, this culminating work uses fascinating case studies and classic archetypical films, from Open Water to The King of Comedy, to reveal the inner workings and impact of narcissistic giving on our inner lives and outer world.

Alper's prior books have been acclaimed. Jerome David Levin,Ph.D,author of 'The Clinton Syndrome', acknowledges that “Alper never writes dull books...He has one of the most creative analytic minds of his generation.” Publishers Weekly has praised his books as “brillant,deft...” while Booklist calls them “convincing”.

Social Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Interpersonal Relations, Cultural Studies, Philosophy
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