Homophobic Bullying in Irish Secondary Education


O’Higgins-Norman, James, Ph.D


Ed.D; School of Education, Dublin City University

This research monograph is an exploration of students, parents and teachers experiences regarding sexuality and homophobic bullying in National (ie public) as well as private secondary institutions. The work discusses settings that run the gamut of tough inner city schools to historical entities with distinguished graduates and first rate instruction and provides solid research statistics as well as an historical overview of pedagogies that have been heavily influenced by religious and sectarian agendas. Gender based schools and co-ed facilities are also contrasted in relation to bullying and efforts to suppress and re direct class and playground behaviors. European Union approached to this problem also discussed. A robust bibliography and index are included.

“This timely work is of great importance to schools. It uncovers the frightening extent of homophobic bullying as a serious national problem and poses a major challenge to schools in the context of the Equality Act.”

Dr. Jim Gleeson, Department of Education and Professional Studies, University of Limerick

“Dr. O’Higgins-Norman’s work has made a significant contribution to the research field through his work on homophobia in schools. His research has highlighted the scope and extent of homophobic bullying in Ireland for the first time; it has helped greatly to bring the issue to public and policy attention.”

Prof. Kathleen Lynch, School of Social Justice, University College Dublin.

“I applaud this work as the issue Dr. O’Higgins-Norman has investigated is a difficult and sensitive one and, consequently, has not always been given the attention it deserves. This makes his research all the more important and it will help to inform future agendas and policies on young people’s education and wellbeing”.

Dr. Marian de Souza, School of Religious Education, Australian Catholic University

“I cannot emphasise enough the importance of Dr. O’Higgins-Norman’s work on homophobic bullying in Irish schools. While significant empirical studies of this nature have emerged in Britain, nothing on this scale or level of complexity has come out of Ireland to date. This work represents a huge contribution to scholarly work in the field of education studies, and has secured an important foothold for research into gender and sexuality within the area of sociology of education in Ireland.”

Dr. Debbie Ging, School of Communications, Dublin City University

Dr. James Norman-O'Higgins is a lecturer at the School of Education Studies in Dublin City University, Ireland where he is also Chair of the post-graduate teacher education programme. For many years he has been engaged in research and teaching on issues related to equality, wellbeing and young people in schools.

Chapter One- Overview and History of Irish School Systems
Chapter Two- Ireland,the EU and Pluralism
Chapter Three- Bullying and Homophobia as a phenomenon
Chapter Four- Presentation of Main Themes
Chapter Five- Current Research
Chapter Six- Comparison Data Across School s Public and Private
Chapter Seven- Conclusions and Recommendations

Irish Research Series, #53

Education, Irish Secondary Education, Bullying, Homophobic Behaviors
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