Hear and Now: Desk Guide for Administrative and Academic Decision Making with Higher Education Action Research


Stevenson, Joseph, Professor, Jackson State University; former Provost Mississippi Delta State University; Richard A. Schmuck, Debra A. Buchanan, Rodney Denne, Melissa Druckrey, Arthur Jefferson and Karen Wilson


Ph.D, Oregon State University, author of MODERNIZING THE COLLEGE CIRRICULUM IN AMERICAN HIGHER EDUCATION (Academica Press,2008)

Higher education is undergoing profound change at an unprecedented pace in today’s academic marketplace. These authors have captured the essence expediting of the critical analysis processes needed to confront the challenges of academic administration, finance, student life, technology and other areas in the academic enterprise. Administrators and academicians nowadays must be able to make balanced decisions based on a methodology that is comprehensive, unambiguous, and credible. These authors have provided this methodology based on their collective experiences in perhaps the toughest sector of the marketplace – the HBCU sector. And while HBCU sectors will find this work especially rewarding in fact all institutions of higher learning can benefit from this desktop book. Given the recent media coverage about questionable decision making at institutions of higher learning in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida and many others around the world, this work and its research findings can serve as an alternative resource for meeting institutional challenges, approaching them with sequential structure, getting key stakeholders involved in the process, and formulating recommendations for future arbitration. The action research process, for making these tough decisions HEAR and NOW, provide a collaborative synergy to expeditiously move the process from a collegial examination of tacit as well as explicit knowledge. This process certainly supports the wide spread advocacy--in higher education and other business and governmental venues--for fostering organizational learning, leveraging of human capital, institutionalizing human empowerment, and growing learning communities of practice for success. Finally, this book is driven by intellectual prisms that often are overshadowed by political expediency, personal agenda, power positioning and other human inhibitors that cloud decision making centered from data authentication, internal consistency, and verifiable collaboration -- in brief, “truth.”

Action Research in Higher Education, HBCU educational governance and planning, Afro-American participation in tertiary education, educational decision making and structuring programs for success, Educational Methodology
Release Date: 
August 12th, 2013
Paperback: 978-1-936320-77-6
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6 x 9

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