Action Research for College Community Health Work: Getting Out, Going Into and Giving Back, Volume II


Schmuck, Richard A. and Stevenson, Joseph M.


A social psychologist of education,Richard Schmuck is Professor Emeritus at the University of Oregon. He has a Ph.D from University of Michigan and is the author of 22 books and 194 articles. Joseph Stevenson is Senior Vice-President and University Provost at Mississippi Valley State University and is a graduate of the University of Oregon(he was the first African-American male Ph.D in Educational Policy & Management at Oregon)and Harvard University (Institute for Educational Management). He is the author of several monographs including the well received Modernizing the College Curriculum (Academica Press).

Foreword by Aaron Shirley,MD and Robert Smith,MD

This work is designed as a working resource for academicians and practitioners involved with community health work at the higher educational level. Faculty, students and community participants are the focus of this collection whose purpose is community health-based service learning--- where and when coming out to the community as caring catalysts is central to a higher education mission. All these catalysts must see themselves as partners in a service learning community of practice; They must embrace the analysis of self reflection toward cultural competence, and thy must engage in data and diagnostic decision-making through action research or service learning in community health intervention. Service learning literacyā€¯ is defined as skill, behavior, attitude, knowledge or awareness that is manifested, within the community health worker or researcher, as a result of or outcome from a faculty led, community service learning activity or experience as part of a student's academic program of study in higher learning. Higher education,through civic engagement and community service learning,must combine efforts with local and regional communities to help eradicate health disparity, eliminate health vulnerability,optimize healthy life style, promote inter generational and cyclical health and wellness and maximize health care access to the under served and uninsured. All these aspects of community health work are dealt with by contributions from scholars and practitioners involved in the community health movement. Contributors include Professors Richard Schmuck, Joseph Martin Stevenson, Ricky Boggan,Chris Ann Arthur, John J. Green and Dr D. Melissa Phillips.

The first volume of the book conceptualized specific frameworks in the context of action research, faculty reflections about action research, general rubrics for action research, overlapping action-research methods, scope of both proactive and responsive action research, and collaborative processes involving action research.

The second volume deals with broader frameworks relative to service learning as social work, global perspectives, cultural competence, community health, environmental justice, hypothetical case scenarios and presented examples by two of the authors who trained and active social workers.

Action Research, Educational Sociology, Community Health Programs, Health Planning and Programing, Poverty Studies,Educational Management, Community Studies, African-American Public Health, Rural health services, Sociology of Health / Hospital outreach
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