Everything is a Translation: Literary Translation as a Metadiscipline and as a Practice


Martin, Kelly

Book CoverThe topic of this keenly researched research monograph is the allusive and interdisciplinary nature of literary translation. Dr.Martin's work concentrates on the fields of rhetoric and new media studies. That is, these fields are sites that help develop the theories and methodology presented, but are also sites that benefit from the study of literary translation. Concerning rhetoric, this book explores how literary translation can take language users inside words and texts, for the translator has to constantly consider language and textual ecologies when translating. As a caveat, this work also examines how rhetoric can inform the literary translator s practices. Concerning online new media, this work argues that literary translation, in forcing the translator-reader to look in-between words, texts, and languages, can be applied to the study of remediation how online new media and online new media works are never old or new, the same or different, but are remediation s and thus translations themselves. A special contribution of this research brings the theories and practices of literary translation to the forefront of interdisciplinary studies and pedagogies. Inspired by Andrea Lunsford and John L. Ruszkiewicz s watershed textbook, Everything s an Argument (1998), in which the authors argue that language is a mode of argument and that argumentation permeates language and communication. Martin argues that translation underpins and models our everyday acts of communication, from uses (and theories) of online new media, to pedagogy.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Literary Translation: Conceptualizations and Practices
3. Translation: Heuristics and Hermeneutics
4. Interpretation as Translation: Case Studies
5. Rhetoric as Translation
6. Translation and Online New Media (Hypermedia)
7. Remediation as Translation
8. Remediation as Translation: Case Studies
9. Pedagogical Implications and The Future 10. Conclusion

Release Date: 
March 15th, 2017

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