Secrets and Suspense: International Law Stories


Kaplan, Jay (Julius)


Chairman, National Museum of the Jewish People; Founder and Longtime Senior Partner, Kaplan, Russin, and Vecchi

This uncanny volume is the memoir of Jay Kaplan, an extraordinary American lawyer with a unique ability intuitively to understand and respond positively to the needs of his clients regardless of ethnicity or religion. How else could he represent India and Pakistan, as well as Iran and Israel, all at the same time, while maintaining ideal personal and professional relations with each side? The author, at the beginning of this career, was virtually adopted by the wealthy Persian ("Parsi") business community of India and Pakistan, one of the few Zoroastrian societies still in existence. Kaplan spent a long career engendering trust and confidence, necessary tools for winning otherwise unwinnable cases. The author is moreover an inveterate traveler, indeed an explorer, who goes wherever important evidence to prove his case can be found.

Jay Kaplan's work and building of a premier Washington and international law firm brought great long term rewards for his client sovereign clients and did much to shape the modern legal and commercial world. To offer only a few examples from this exceptional memoir of career and commitment, the author played a major role in securing the financing for Israel to develop its desalination industry, which today supplies 40% of the water consumed in that country. When diplomatic relations with Taiwan were suddenly cut by the United States, causing the spirit of the people to plummet and its economy to suffer badly, the author brought Barry Goldwater, a hero to the Taiwanese, to Taiwan and together with the author's partner in his Taipei office, took such legal steps as were necessary to lift the spirits of the people and their economy. Today Taiwan prospers. Again for Israel, to bolster that nation's vital trade with the United States, the author came up with the first Free Trade Area Agreement ever entered into by the United States with any nation. As a result trade flourished between the United States and Israel, and continues to flourish. With boundless enthusiasm, the author simply refused to limit his and his clients' aspirations.

In short, Jay Kaplan has long been a living force in the world of international law, and wonderful stories were born of his world wide activities. They make this book, a collection of such stories, one of the most exciting reads in the field.

 "Jay Kaplan's lively book recounts the international achievements of an exceptionally inventive lawyer. It is written with the vitality of its accomplished author. Reading it is an instructive pleasure."

- Stephen M. Schwebel, Former Vice President, International Court of Justice

 "My friend Jay Kaplan has written a wonderful book. An outstanding law student, Jay turned his genius for life and the law into assembling a cast of characters and cases that Clarence Darrow or Louis Brandeis might envy."

- Don Wallace, Jr., Chairman, International Law Institute, Georgetown University

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Feb. 1, 2018
Hardcover: 978-1680530575
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