Current Trends in Cyber Security


Kent, Neil (Editor) University of Cambridge and Irina du Quenoy, Georgetown University

This groundbreaking collection of essays assesses how cyber security affects our lives, businesses, and safety. The contributors -- all leaders in their fields -- have produced approach cyber security from multiple innovative angles. Business professor Matthew Cadbury takes a long view, studying earlier intelligence failures in the field of conventional conflict to identify patterns of analytical error that may guide security officials and policymakers as they examine the issue of cyber security before them today. French military academy instructor Thomas Flichy de La Neuville suggests another historical parallel, locating an important precursor to current debates about internet freedom in the waning control of information during the French Revolution. Italian academics Alessandro Guarino and Emilio Iasiello take up an industrial case study, that of self-driving motor vehicles, to examine how cyberthreats might affect business and industry as they become ever more dependent on technology in the twenty-first century. Finally, the Indian scholar Sushma Devi presents a national case study, that of her native India, to assess how one of the world’s most dynamic emerging economies is facing up to what was originally a first world problem. This collection anticipates endless analysis of the rapidly expanding nexus of cyber security and intelligence. It will be of undoubted use to anyone concerned with technology, the security of online business presences, national security, communications, and any other field of endeavor that will benefit from the knowledge of experts in the field.

Release Date: 
April 1, 2019
Hardcover: 978-1680534863
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