Action Research for Higher Educators


Schmuck, Richard A. and Stevenson, Joseph Martin


A social psychologist of education, Richard Schmuck is Professor Emeritus at the University of Oregon. He has a Ph.D from University of Michigan and is the author of 22 books and 194 articles. Joseph Stevenson is Senior Vice-President and University Provost at Mississippi Valley State University and is a graduate of the University of Oregon (he was the first African-American male Ph.D in Educational Policy & Management at Oregon) and Harvard University (Institute for Educational Management). He is the author of several monographs including the well received Modernizing the College Curriculum (Academica Press).

This work is a scholarly monograph for practical use for higher education faculties. Specifically the monograph is aimed at faculties in historically Black and minority colleges and universities but its scope also includes the hundreds of state and private institutions that are trying to raise the level of research engagement among their core faculty. The lessons learned and the techniques observed worldwide by the authors are also included in this work and the study covers general application of action research for responsive proactive intervention in classroom instruction and improvement of higher education outcomes for students, graduate students and returning seekers of higher education as well as faculty needing mentoring and focus in their career development.

There are few books that explore these areas of interest and this one is deigned to be intellectually solid as well as imminently practical and usable.

Educational Policy & Management, Minority faculty development, Research management and development,Educational Achievement ,Faculty development, Historically under served college populations,Reference
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