Covid-19 and the Transformation of American Society (Hardcover and Paperback)


Martinez, Jose, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology (ret.), University of Mary Hardin-Baylor


Author of Inequality in American Education: The Entrenchment of a Two-Tiered System and Diversity, Funding, and Standardized Testing in American Education

In Covid-19 and the Transformation of American Society, the first book-length consideration of the Covid-19 pandemic’s implications, noted sociologist Jose Martinez lays bare the immense social changes that we should expect from the nouvel coronavirus, which has upended American life since March 2020. A vital theme of his critique is how inequality already entrenched in American society may worsen due to large-scale economic disruption that resonates strongly in the socioeconomic circumstances of minorities and the poor. On the other hand, society may also experience constructive social changes resulting from a widespread reconsideration of consumerism driven by frank reassessments of our wants and needs. This book addresses how the coronavirus has contributed to long-lasting reconsiderations of social relationships, from dating to leisure to education, in both negative and positive ways, and how national and cultural politics will never be the same. Martinez’s timely book opens a new field in foretelling an unanticipated future for American society and, indeed, the entire world. It concludes with a consideration of possible solutions to address social changes that we are unlikely to avoid.

Sociology, American Studies, Economics, Race & Ethnicity, Identity Politics, Social Policy, Public Health, Minority Studies, Identity Studies, Covid-19, Coronavirus, Pandemics
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December 1, 2020
978-1680539219 Hardcover; 978-1680539356 Paperback
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