Letters To My Grandchildren


Knoll, Reinhold


Reinhold Knoll, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of Vienna

Translator: Kenneth Quandt, Ph.D.

Distinguished Austrian sociologist Reinhold Knoll’s letters to his grandchildren, written daily during the Covid-19 pandemic, evolved into an obituary of European culture, politics, and society. They also embody a gesture of thanks to the United States, which took a different path from Europe and then saved it in World War I and World War II.

Like Beethoven’s piano sonatas, some of Professor Knoll’s letters are light and humorous while others plumb the depths of the human psyche. But each brings the past into the present, often enhanced by Viennese ironic wit, with recondite and penetrating observations on enlightenment and revolution, art and music, social thought, the devolution of the museum, the status of the church, migration, fashions in pedagogy, and the role of technology in society. This is the remarkable work of a balanced conscience in troubled times.

America owes most of its cultural and spiritual traditions to the erstwhile European stewardship of a legacy that goes back to Athens, Jerusalem, and Rome – the subject, verb, and predicate of our human story, – though Europe now finds itself in a crisis of confidence with profound warnings for the American reader.

Political Science, Sociology, Culture, Covid-19, European History, Western Civilization, Religious History, Philosophy, Cultural History, Modernity, Post-Modernity, Decadence, Decline of the West
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May 24, 2022
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