Ecofeminism and Indian Women Writing in English


Pandey, Sarita, PhD


Sarita Pandey is Assistant Professor of English at the Jananayak Chandrashekhar University, in Ballia, India. She earned her Ph.D. from University of Allahabad and a degree from English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. Her areas of academic interest include ecofeminism, Indian fiction, gender studies, translation studies, Indic Studies, and theater. She holds a diploma in yoga from Banaras Hindu University.

The theory and praxis of ecofeminism has barely been investigated in an Indian context. Ecofeminism is an inclusive theory and provides an intersectional study of feminism, ecocriticism, and literature. Ecofeminism and Indian Women Writing in English unearths the sensibility of Indian women writings through the lens of ecofeminism. This book gives all the required details about ecofeminism, major movements and ecofeminist theories, in both the Indian as well as Western perspectives. It will help the readers understand the discourse of ecofeminism. The reader will get a thorough understanding on how to critically examine an ecofeminist element in a particular text. The book’s main objective is to re(store) the cultural heritage of India against its colonial history that had mis(interpreted) the environmental ethics of Indian philosophy, affinity of women with nature and animals. The so-called developmental models of post-modern era will be beneficial only when they will focus on mutual sustainability of man and nature.

Political Science, Social Science, Women’s Studies, Post-Colonial Studies, South Asian Studies, India, Indian Literature, Feminism, Women’s Literature, Ecology, Ecofeminism
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June 19, 2023
9781680536317 Hardcover
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