The Engrossed Entrepreneurial Campus: What the Academy and the Economy Need Now


Stevenson, Joseph Martin and Mary M. White


PhD; Dean, Jackson State University, School of Education, Executive PhD Program

Universities and colleges are increasingly recognized as having a key role in national and regional development processes (Goddard et al 1994 ;Keane and Allison,1999;Chatterton&Goddard 2000). The role of universities in this respect is likely to further increase given the development of a “knowledge-intensive” economy and society. Entrepreneurialism and venture capitalism have served as the historical backbone and economic back drop for this country’s past, present and future prosperity. Many, notably America’s immigrants, have come to see education plus entrepreneurship as the “American Dream.” Given this historical and demographic reality, how should college campuses be changed with creative and responsive curriculum? The modern campus should be exciting, engaging and empowering for students and faculty. The purpose of Drs. Stevenson and White’s study is to contribute strategies and methodologies to the international conversation, the growing body of research and the expanding field of study concerning the future campus in higher education. Important arguments with supporting research are made for a much needed reappraisal of the role of entrepreneurship in higher education and a way forward is presented for colleges and universities to reinvigorate key areas of curricula to reflect the global changes in economics and education taking place today.

EDUCATION: Curriculum Planning, Development, Educational Policy and Management, Entrepreneurial Studies, Business Education
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