Challenge of Change: Perspective for Our Twenty-First Century


Moffitt, Leonard Caum


Author of "Religiosity: A Propensity of the Human Phenotype" and "Global Positing for the Twenty-First Century: Rethinking Strategic Planning"

In a succinct, easily read and comprehended style, Challenge of Change makes an eye-opening global exploration of human organization in a tumultuous world: organization to cope with obstacles that have, over the centuries, threatened human survival and vitality. In keeping with how the Founding Fathers conceived our unprecedented American democracy and how entrepreneurs have accomplished our current information technology revolution, this book emphasizes “thinking outside the box.”

Challenge of Change does so by first suggesting needed innovation for our nation’s educational system, particularly in college and university pedagogy. To actualize that advance, it provides a comprehensive travel through the human experience, starting with how early females generated the cultural foundation upon which men would later build empires, trade, and eventually methodical warfare. It goes on to dissect the evolution of political and economic systems up to modern times, as influenced by the world’s diversity of cultures and religions, all within highly complex community systems that range from local town or clan to international interactions. It then projects these challenging processes of change into a turbulent twenty-first century. Along the way it looks at how we humans stumble into war, how we can twist justice, how extensively humans have migrated around the globe, and how Asian cultures have modified European societies. Accordingly, Challenge of Change holds particular relevance, not only for parents of children aiming for a higher education, but for our nation’s leadership strata and the general public they so extensively effect.

International Relations, Public Policy, Social Science, Economics, Education, International Law, Security Studies, Human Rights Law, Futurism, Sociology, Women’s Studies, Gender
Release Date: 
September 1, 2018
Hardcover: 978-1680530827
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